Oh yeah, Pink Mince

Pink Mince

For the past year or so I’ve been working on this little side project that I’ve been meaning to write more about — a zine called Pink Mince. I was waiting to see how it went, and whether or not it would be something that I’d stick with for a while. Now that it’s been a year and I’ve cranked out 4 issues, an offshoot line of 4 mini-zines, and have the next couple of issues well underway it seems safe enough to declare it’ll keep going for a while. Besides, I’ve just invested so much on printing and reprinting that it has to or I’ll be up shit creek.

It’s mostly gay stuff, but it’s also a lot less straightforward than that. The standard tagline is that Pink Mince is “for the confirmed bachelor of exceptional taste”, but I’ve also described it as “a journal of contemporary typeface design illustrated with pictures of dudes”. My pithy mission statement from its Facebook page says: “We aim to delight, titillate, amuse, provoke, and inspire. (That is to say: we feature jokes and blokes, possibly with a point behind it all.)” It’s also about wanting to make something that tactile instead of just another image on a screen. And it’s about getting to feature contributions from a lot of amazingly talented other people. It’s a lot of things, but mostly it’s fun to do.

Pink Mince 4Pink Mini 4

But like any print publication, it can be hard to seduce people into taking a gamble and coughing up a bit of coin to check it out. But trust me: there’s something real nice about holding it in your hands and taking it slow. Try it.

So yeah, I actually have a lot more to say about what it’s been like to do all this, but that will take a little more reflection. For now, though, word continues to spread and interest continues to bubble up, so why don’t you check out the awfully kind things that these other gentlemen have had to say so far: Gym Class Magazine, Sturtle, SUNfiltered, We Made This.

Stranger in Stranger

Well, looky-looky at the cover of this week’s issue of The Stranger:

Cover of The Stranger

The photo, taken by a pseudo-pornographer I know, is in honor of Hump! 2, The Stranger‘s 2nd annual amateur porn contest. I’m sure that boy-toy model Jeffy up there would be first in line to submit something to the festival if he could. He’s got that wild exhibitionist streak in him. Can’t you tell?

A Kind Word or Two

Thank you, Cybersocket, for the very kind words: “POSEABLE THUMBS: We couldn’t offer a tour of seedy but effulgent art-porn without neglecting the consistently superb Poseable Thumbs, whose Tom of Finland-derived action figure sex remains to be both hot in a rather disturbing manner, and soaked in faultlessly-saturated Technicolor.”

One More Twas Shot

And we have another appearance of the ‘Twas photo with this review from the Voice. Again, there’s a disappointing lack of credit, but I’m more convinced than ever that the photography has really been helping this show get as much mileage in the press as it has. Now, I should also mention that the show was completely delightful, but it definitely helps when you can provide the press with some good visuals to promote your show.

Twas My First Photo Credit

I’ve got one more notch in my belt as of this weekend: my first photo credit in the New York Times. Sadly, the photo didn’t show up in the online version of the article, but you can check it out below:

'Twas the Night Before the Twelve Days of a Nutcracker Christmas Carol

The photo is from a batch of promo images I shot for ‘Twas the Night Before the Twelve Days of a Nutcracker Christmas Carol, a sort of Christmas story mash-up, done panto-style, which will be running at P.S. 122 this year.

It’s a shame, though, that most of the magic of that image is lost in a small, black-and-white reproduction. Here’s the actual image, in full, glorious color:

'Twas, in color