The Critics Praise Sparky

Fame! Fortune! Well, neither, actually. But it’s cool at least.

Thanks to a well-placed word or two from Jonno, Rumpus Room was picked as “site of the week” by New York’s own free fag rag, HX. (Of course, the issue also came out the day before my ISP shut down my site because of a bill payment problem, but we’ve settled all that now.) Maybe with all the attention I’ll get upgraded to a B-list fag now.

For posterity, here’s the review:

Sparky’s Rumpus Room

We’ve been spending a lot of time in Sparky’s rumpus room lately. Hopefully we’re not overstaying our welcome, because this cute New York City native (yes, Staten Island does count) and self described bon vivant is a hoot to hang with. shake your booty over to Sparky’s cyber-digs and browse his collection of cool street junk, get to know his pals or let lust get the best of you and ogle the random cute guys and hunky cartoon superheroes collated in his galleries. There’s also the obligatory online journal, a photo album and a collection of Sparky’s contributions to various ‘zines and online discussion groups. The whole package is wrapped in a funky design that’s one of the best we’ve seen in a personal homepage. And best of all, Sparky’s single. [Ain’t that the truth – ed.]

Trust me, this won’t go to my head. But maybe I’ll get some out of it. Hee hee hee!