Way, way back

One of the things that’s always made me a little uneasy about designing things for the web is the likelihood of the stuff you make being wiped away for good once a site is updated. I tried to break myself of the habit of building comps in Photoshop relatively early (although I’d build some “furniture” there to place in and around my blog templates), so I’ve never had very good records of what early versions of this site used to look like. Since I’ve been posting material in some manner of another since 1996, that’s a lot of evolution wiped away.

That’s why The Wayback Machine is so wonderful. Thanks to its digital archive (and my tendency to post static rather than dynamic pages out of my blog databases), I can get a glimpse of how much I’ve tinkered with the site over the years:


Brief Message from the Management

Fucking Spam

I throw up my hands in defeat. I’ve finally had to shut down the comments on this entry about Sodachrome. Although some very lovely and flattering authentic comments were made (for which Ian and I are deeply grateful), I have been drowning in an onslaught of spam ever since someone thought it would be nice to add that page to StumbleUpon. Note: It was not nice. It led to a fucking awful, endless torrent of spam that has overwhelmed my ability to check for any real comments amidst the spam.