Kiki and Herb Died for Us

Did anybody else get their 2-CD set of the Kiki and Herb Carnegie Hall Show yet? I just ripped open the package and threw it on, and it’s amazing! I’m quivering in delight. I’ve been anxiously awaiting it — especially since I kept running into its producer, who kept giving me updates, and one day even taunted me with the knowledge that he was carrying the only master copy in his bag at that moment. Jerk.

But he was right, it turned out really well, and it was a great decision to turn the microphones on the crowd a lot. I’ve never heard a live recording that quite captures the thunder of an adoring, devoted crowd quite like this. If you were there, you might feel chills all over again. If you weren’t there, you’ll wish you were. If you don’t get it, you probably never will.

But here’s a taste:

Total Eclipse of the Heart — Kiki and Herb, Live at Carnegie Hall, September 19, 2004

7 thoughts on “Kiki and Herb Died for Us”

  1. Just ordered mine. BIG K&H fan from back when I lived in SF and would see Justin out and about. Tragically, I was too sick to make the Carnegie Hall show. This will help, thanks for the heads up.

  2. I don’t have my copy yet. I was at the concert, but stupidly put off ordering a copy until too late!
    Thanks so much for posting Total Eclipse- it sounds wonderful and now I’m even more excited for the CD.
    How much of the concert was left off the CD?

  3. got mine. after years of yearing to see them live and piecing together what I could cull, the CD finally feels like a complete Kiki and CC experience. Already ordered extra copies as holiday gifts.

  4. Hi Sparky,
    Remember me?
    Think hard. About 4 years ago…
    Anyway, I got to the Knitting Factory at
    5 pm after work and bought 2 copies of the cd from Victoria Leacock herself (she executive produced the cd). Then I went home ( too pooped to hang out) and this morning she emailed me to report that Justin Bond appeared onstage at 10 pm and did 3 songs with Kenny Mellman.
    What a fun surprise!!!
    I am guessing he flew in from the UK to visit family for the holidays.

  5. Sparkles,
    Thanks for the shout, as ever. Glad you like! Sorry I missed the CD event, but was in Europe. To answer Kory’s question, only one song was left off (shall I make you guess?) Otherwise, with teeny, tiny exeptions, the whole concert is there. Even with 2 CDs, K&H still give too much to capture.

  6. I’ve been trying to remember if they did other songs, but I figured I’ve been confusing other shows with the Carnegie Hall one. What did we miss? I can hear a line of dialogue getting sliced out here and there, but I can’t recall another song. Hints, please, oh Fleishy one.

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