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Kiki and Company

Herb at Carnegie HallKiki at Carnegie Hall

It was quite a show. Compared to the many I’ve experienced in smaller venues, a lot of the intimate feeling (which could sometimes leave you feeling gloriously trapped in a room with a raving madwoman) was lost in such a big space with such a large throng of people. It was still easy to get caught up in the madness and the sentiment of the evening, though, and it felt good to have so much people bombarding Kiki and Herb with so much hard-earned devotion. A lovely farewell, overall.

And a total scene. I hardly know where to begin with all the name-dropping! I think I ran into every blogger I’ve ever known, every blind date I ever had, every cute guy I ever had a crush on, and every quirky downtown celebrity I’ve ever seen. And that was just outside the boxes on our tier. (Apparently I run with a $45 crowd.) There was a certain Belle Epoque opera-house glamour to hopping from box to box during intermission, dropping in on friends and acquaintances for gossip and reactions to the show. With any luck there'll be a flurry of cross-posting about the evening for the next couple of days so I won't have to dredge up the energy to say much more.

Together at last!: Jake Shears, Isaac Mizrahi, Sandra Bernhard, Kiki, Rufus Wainwright, and Michael Cavadias

Update: Andy writes a great Culturebot entry about performances and their context that explains much better than I have what was really so amazing about the Carnegie Hall show, even though it seemed like such an odd venue at first.

And delovely Sturtle also sings praises...

I didn't see Landry at the show, unfortunately, but true to form her first exposure to Kiki and Herb was wacky and glamorous.

Tin Man was there, too, but didn't have quite as emotional a response.

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