Where All Men Are United in the Love of Chicken-N-Waffle

Eddie outside Roscoe'sRoscoe’s the name
and they call me the king,
grandmaster of the chicken
and the waffle thing.
I said read my lips and, friends,
don’t miss a word
‘Cause the grandmaster’s gonna
give you the bird!

Eddie and MattWhen I first saw Tapeheads, I nearly hemorrhaged from laughing during
the commercial spot that the two main characters did for Roscoe’s House
of Chicken-N-Waffles. I thought the idea was so crazy, so inane. It was
a stroke of brilliance on the part of the screenwriter.

Boy howdy, was I amazed when I found out that Roscoe’s really exists. Actually,
there are three of them scattered throughout the greater L.A. area. When
I found out that I was going to be in L.A., I knew that if nothing else,
I had to make a holy pilgrimage to this soaring tribute to entrepreneurial

Roscoe’s is mostly a soul food restaurant, with big hearty meals at good
prices. Despite a tantalizing assortment, I knew I had to have the #20 —
the "Carolina" chicken plate with a buttermilk waffle on the side.
This was some good eatin’s — the creamiest butter, the thickest syrup,
the tenderest chicken breast. If you have chicken and waffle, trust me:
you really have to eat both at the same time. The combo sounds scary, but
it’s truly delightful — hot, sweet, and rich.

This place is no secret, either. We showed up right before the rush, apparently.
When we left, totally satiated and deliriously happy, there was a huge line
down the street. Obviously, California cuisine can also mean biscuits, gravy,
grits, and — without a doubt — chicken-n-waffle.