It Just Don’t Come Easy

Welcome, humans, to the second fab-u-luxe trip into the depths of the rumpus
room. As promised, this issue is devoted to "The Search for the Elusive
Perfect Love," a topic near and dear to all of our hearts, presumably.
The chat this time has pretty much come to the consensus that love may be
out there, and even be worth the painful efforts to find it, but . . .


All in all, this was one hell of a gripe session to put together. Lots of
folks bagged on their initial promises to write stories, but that’s okay.
Illustrations required hours of thumbing through the books and magazines
littering my overstuffed apartment. Without going into the messy details
(other than the ones you’ll read about in twenty-one pages), I ran the full-scale
of emotions connected with an unsuccessful bid at romance, only to be left
with a good story to vent in the rumpus room. Also, I have found myself
dirt-poor after putting out issue 1.1, which was slower to catch on than
I might have hoped. I don’t even want to get into everything that’s gone
down since my family read the last issue . . .

Bitch, bitch, bitch. I’ll stop wallowing in self-pity now (cut me some slack
— I just woke up to a rainy Saturday morning in a messy apartment) and
get on to the glories of the hot little number you’re holding in your hands.
This time around, I’ve invited a few friends, and even a stranger, to spout
off on the topic at hand. The results are a nice mix of laughs, fun, and
pathos. Like I said last time, this is not for the squeamish or the faint-of-heart:
the personal commentary can get pretty raw. On a lighter note, though, we
have free stickers in every issue! Seven in all! Paste ’em to your
cat, paste ’em on a friend, collect and trade with friends!

Welcome, and remember to wipe your feet at the top of the stairs. There
are some snacks and Cokes on the mini-bar, so help yourselves.