14 Faces

…but enough about me. You should check out what my obscenely talented classmates have been up to this year. 14 dazzling type families that cover scripts like Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Gujurati, and Tamil — and we’re all just getting started. It’s hard not to bubble over with pride right now.


4 thoughts on “14 Faces”

  1. So cool! Every time I think I couldn’t be more impressed with what you’re doing over there (or more convinced that it is so totally beyond my intellectual reach), I read a new post and get overwhelmed again. Awesome–and I love Gina and the beautiful story behind it. Congrats!

  2. Thanks for the link–I know someone who will be very interested in the Tamil typeface. One question: is the website/wiki part of your coursework, or just a very useful little bit or procrastination from working on your final papers?

  3. So is that part of the coursework, or just an extremely useful and creative bit of procrastination to keep you from working on your final papers? I’m grateful either way–I’m curious to see what everyone else did (and I know one person who will really want to see the Tamil typeface).

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