Without fail, the change of seasons brings on a nasty cold for me. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, but always following a change in the weather. This time around it came a little later than usual, but I think I was able to hold it off through sheer force of will. Too much to worry about already, too much to do, too many hassles to make time for a cold. I made the tactical mistake, though, of pausing for a moment last week to catch my breath, which pretty much meant I was bound to succumb.

And, also in boringly predictable fashion, my cold started with a series of a half-dozen or so sneezes that come out of nowhere. By the time I’ve blown my nose after the last sneeze, the works have all gummed up, my head feels foggy, and all my energy is gone. From there, it’s just an endless cycle of naps and decongestants until I get back on my feet.

Mmmmmmm, nap, that’d be just the thing right now…

I count my blessings, certainly. I’ll certainly take occasional colds over the dizzying array of mystery ailments that might threaten me if my immune system weren’t in such good shape after years of careful monitoring and medication. It’s always been a dark irony that I was much more of a delicate flower my whole life before I became positive. Strep throat, the ailment that used to hit me about as often as colds do now, hasn’t troubled me in ages, for instance. Maybe the big difference is that I pay more attention now that the potential troubles are so much more serious. I’m far less likely to ignore the little things than when I would blithely assume whatever bug I had would soon pass. Sure it sucks to live with the threat of my system adapting to my drugs and starting to go haywire, and it certainly sucks to be dependent on regular medication to keep me on an even keel, but I guess that’s just my cross to bear.

Yes, I think a nap would be a very fine thing right about now. Pardon me, won’t you?

4 thoughts on “Achoo!”

  1. Just got over the flu. I don’t envy you big guy. Do what I did. Drink Sierra Nevada until you don’t realize you’re sick anymore…

  2. When I feel a cold coming on I open my medicine cabinet and take out ZICAM. It is an over-the- counter homeopathic help. All you do is place a slight bit (it’s a jel) in the very front of each nostril…hold the nostrils closed for a few seconds…and that’s it. Do this a few times a day. It really lessens the length and severity of colds…works every time for me. You have to use this when you first get the symptoms. Hope you are feeling better soon. Remember when I used to rub your chest with Vicks?

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