Posed and Unzipped

This awesome review from the August 2005 issue of Unzipped is probably the best one of them all (my reviews for Poseable Thumbs, that is). They obviously get it.


Let’s Play Master and Servant
We’re not the only ones who had an attraction to our G.I. Joe action figures

Welcome to the fantastic, plastic world of photographer and webmaster Pete Handler — a world where male action figures engage in activities more suited to an International Mr. Leather-styled free-for-all than a romp at that certain California blonde dolly’s famed Malibu beach house. The Poseable Thumbs website — PoseableThumbs.com — explores the darker, more taboo aspects of mansex — using only dolls.

that’s right, 11-inch male dolls — in various states of undress and flagrante delicto. You want handcuffs? It’s on this site. Three-on-one group scene? Check. Leather-hooded tops with Mohawked bottoms? Fuck yeah.

Intensely hot interracial action in a deserted alley? Holla. Quiet submission during an intense fisting session? Sir, yes, sir! And all of it as thoughtfully art-directed as Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Querelle or a sexually explicit Robert Mapplethorpe photograph. The effect is disturbingly erotic, with a wry wink at tongue-in-cheek, post-modern humor. As Handler himself asks on the site, is it art or is it porn? You’ll have to judge for yourself. But be forewarned: one perusal of this Web site might have you chuckling at first. But don’t be surprised to find yourself beating off vigorously to images of 11-inch pieces of plastic — in sexual scenarios hotter than you’ve experienced in real life. Because these fuckers are hot. Welcome to the dollhouse, boy.

— Enrique Marie Presley