The View From Asteroid M

Check out this amazing satellite view of Beale Air Force Base in Yuba City, CA:

SR071 Blackbird at Beale Air Force Base

Notice the trusty SR-71 Blackbird sitting there? If you can squint real hard, you might even be able to see a beam of bright red light, or a short Canadian being thrown in the air by a big shiny thing — wait, is that lightning and a small cyclone in the corner?

(Courtesy of Google Sightseeing and their collection of airplanes found in Google Maps.)

5 thoughts on “The View From Asteroid M”

  1. Hello,
    Sorry to use comments to ask this, but it was the only way I could see to contact you all.
    Love you guys! I’m a fellow gay fan of DC comics with a little blog of my own. Any chance you might care to add a link to it? I’d be honored!

  2. Um. When was the last time a short Canadian was thrown by a big shiny thing in a Marvel comic? Oh… how I miss the early Marvel 80s when the X-Men meant something to me.

  3. Astonishing X-Men, maybe three issues ago. What good would the return of Colossus be without the return of the Fastball Special?

  4. Ah. Gigamatt decided to only pick it up as a trade so there haven’t been any single issues. And how exactly did Colossus come back from the dead? Not that it matters. But he was dead from last I heard.

  5. These new mapping systems (or, perhaps, just the ability of us puny citizens to see the stuff of government has been doing for years) are awesome!

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