Dudley Sutton (6th April 1933 – 15th September 2018) R.I.P.

Remembering British actor Dudley Sutton who died yesterday, at the age of 85. His recent career was mostly in television, but here he is in the 1963 British Film “The Leather Boys”, where he played gay biker Pete, who has fallen for straight biker Reg (Colin Campbell). The last picture shows rehearsals of Joe Orton’s hit comedy “Entertaining Mr. Sloane” in 1964, where he played the very first Sloane, to Madge Ryan as Kath. Also pictured is Joe Orton himself.

Information from onlyhuman34 …the other actor in that film, Colin Campbell passed away, last March 2018. (I wondered what happened to him, thanks for the information – R.I.P to both of them)