Crossing Cultures

This week at school we’ve taken a brief detour from our alphabets and immersed ourselves in the world of North Indic scripts. (Apparently I have a flair for Bengali — who knew?!) Rather than bore you all with exposition about how all this makes you rethink what you know about your own writing system, let me share this relevant bit of humor instead (since multi-cultural environments are all about people teasing each other about stereotypes):

3 thoughts on “Crossing Cultures”

  1. I get were you are coming from but it isn’t very accurate. I just don’t understand how you can order the blandest thing on the menu? For being an English restaurant, it isn’t realistic to order the blandest item. Maybe if you had a lot of money… I mean come on, who orders one of everything somewhere?

  2. ok, so apparently my jokes are falling flat lately. Of course their dry nature can be difficult to translate into text, but still, it seems like they are not working whatsoever.
    I was implying with the previous post that it is impossible to order the blandest thing on the menu at an English restaurant because it is all equally as tasteless and crappy. That is why you would have to order one of everything…
    yes, it is still not funny.
    i suck.

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