Fatty Fatty 2-by-4

Enough people have commented on how much weight I’ve lost that I’m starting to wonder just how obscenely corpulent I had been. I know I ballooned a few waist sizes and have since returned to normal, but was it really that obvious? My god, the shame! More than anything else, this probably just goes to show that I don’t know how to properly dress a fat chassis. Whatever bulk I had must have been very poorly camouflaged, or maybe it was just the way I refused to spend too much money on clothes for a physique I was too horrified to accept. All my favorite t-shirts are size small, so I’m just glad I’ve returned to the shape I’ve had for most of the last 15 years or so.

Note to self: never take antidepressants ever again, and put down that second helping of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch! A fat Sparky isn’t a cute Sparky.

7 thoughts on “Fatty Fatty 2-by-4”

  1. The great thing about meeting new people is that you think they’ve always looked that way. I’ve only known you a few months and I think you look fabulous!

  2. So it *can* be done!!! Praise you, Sparky, for showing me the way! (throws half-eaten chocolate bar out the window and heads to the wardrobe to dust off those skinny-rib t-shirts)

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