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The Pink Mince mood board

Y’all saw some of Jason’s amazing project in Pink Mince #6, right?


Gross Indecency Article 0009 Section L Paragraph L

In a world saturated with images of sex, the male form still remains the most controversial. Throughout human history, men have sort to control the male image, while exploiting the female form.  

The rise of the male nude in the last twenty years has been meteoric, thanks largely to Calvin Klein and the world of fashion. However, the image of man that they have laid bare for us, is plucked and groomed, sanitised and homogenised, lying passive, pretty and (usually) in their underpants. The last taboo remains the penis — obsessed over far more by men than by women. The prolific recreational use of Viagra alone highlights the male obsession with being bigger, harder, longer and faster. But it’s potency lies in it’s mystery — it must be kept under wraps as, laid bare, it may wilt under the spotlight and potential ridicule. Whether male or female, straight or gay, when we gaze upon a naked man, it is hard to look beyond the penis. Oh, that’s a big one, oh that’s a small one, oh that’s a bit bendy

With Gross Indecency I have selected 144 regular and irregular men and have chosen to obscure their genitals, so that we can see the man behind the cock. As a footnote, the collages I have chosen for this purpose are photographs of the genitals of Greco-roman sculptures. In Victorian times, these brazen bronze and marble statues were censored with a fig leaf, so I enjoyed the irony of using them as my modern day equivalent. 

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