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Pink Minx

Gay Shame 1

Having grown up with a life-long concern about being perceived as a sissy, largely due to a long childhood being called a called a sissy or being told not to be one, I opted to participate in Gay Shame (this year's theme: A Festival of Femininity) by confronting my neurotic aversion of wearing pink for fear of looking too girly, and by trying to look like quite a big sissy. I succeeded, and had tremendous fun.

Gay Shame 2

[Incriminating photos from the lovely Mr Green, who wore white, not pink.]

The ladies and gentlemen of the ACLU LGBT Project also wore pink at last week's Pride festivities, or at least bright fuschia t-shirts I designed for them. According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

On the other hand, it was down with drab for do-gooders. The ACLU's fuchsia T-shirts with green Statue of Liberty crowns: simple yet sublimely multicolored.

ACLU Pride

I still hate wearing pink, but I am quite proud — no, I am quite pleased — to be a big ol' nancy homo fairy who likes to kiss and hold hands and stuff with other dudes.

And in case you didn't get it, this post's title is a shameless reference to Pink Mince, a little zine thing I’ve started publishing. Why haven't you ordered a copy yet?

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