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Give the People What They Want

I suppose it's my own fault for shying away from more postings about hot gay sex, damning personal confessions, and other lurid adventures — with random pictures of hot guys swiped off the internet for additional incentive — but I just don't get the kind of traffic I once did. I get about 400 spam comments a day (compared to about 2 legitimate ones a month), so at least there's a robot in Russia or somewhere paying attention.

I also get fantastic amounts of traffic from Google image searches (you try to be good about metadata and link attributes, and look what it gets you) and attempts from people on MySpace trying to link directly to photos I’ve posted. (By the way, I have a little thing running that prevents you from doing that, kids, so knock it off.) I also get lots of traffic from Google searches that lead to random things buried deep in my archives. If I were really interested in more traffic, I would just devote this site to gay porn, Nightcrawler, the search for Ultra Love jeans (please stop asking me where to find these! I have no idea what you're talking about!), and all things related to gayness and nudity in Jackass. (Lesbian toe-sucking would also help, apparently, but I have to draw the line somewhere: There is no lesbian toe-sucking here!)

Finally, though, the internet has come to my assistance and shown me something to help all the wayward souls who come to Ultrasparky looking for pleasure. I have finally found the clip of scenes taken out of Jackass: Number Two because they were too gay, or featured too much nudity. Warning, many gentlemen's genitals to be seen here or here.

There. My work is done.

Oh, what the hell: here's some gay porn, too:

hot gay porn jackass johnny knoxville nude orgy

AAAAh! It's the Scary baby! Fooled ya!

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