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It Isn't Ironic

A recent thread at Typophile ponders what might be used as a punctuation mark to express irony. The suggestion so far, picking things up from here and here (that last one's a French Wikipedia article, in case wants to leave a translation in the comments), is to use something like a backwards question mark, based on the Arabic question mark. Frankly, I think using a normal piece of Arabic punctuation when want to suggest you don't really mean what you say could turn out to be really, really bad form.

I still advocate the system of sarcasm marks that I brought up earlier. With a little finessing to the look of the marks themselves, you have a nice system for adapting marks we already use that convey different levels of emotion or tone. I think it's time we start the movement to add sarcasm and irony to Unicode — now! Can you just imagine all the Internet flame wars that could be avoided if we could just make it clear when we say something facetious?

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