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Calling All Top Models!

Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Of course, you're all eagerly anticipating this week's latest WYSIWYG Talent Show because you know it's gonna be fantastic as always, right?

Well, there's something else you can get excited about: being a glamorous model for next month's all-star, ass-kicking, body-moving, belly-laughing, cringe-inducing, first-anniversary WYSIWYG Talent Show: Spawn. Of. Worst. Sex. Ever!!

For the show's promo images, we wanna have a few different versions of a close-up of someone's face making a horrible reaction in response to something that’s happening "down there" (ahem). And we want you, shameless bloggers of the world, to be included in our gallery of horrors. Here are a couple of examples of what we're going for:

There are two ways you can include yourself in the fun:

  1. Come to this week's show and let me take your picture before or after the show. No need to get naked or anything, so don't be shy.

  2. Send me your photos! (Out-of-towners and foreigners — I’m talking to you!) Try to get a good reaction shot of yourself (or have someone take it for you), and send me the full-size original image from your camera. I'll take care of cropping it and getting the color right to match the others.

I'll add images to the WYSIWYG web site as they come in, and then we'll include a gallery of all the images on the site and in the show program. C'mon, play along!

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