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Old Models

Even in these modern times, some things haven't necessarily changed that much. Jessie (who's way too cute for his own good, even when grumpy) neatly sums up a pet peeve that I also have with my family. Even though they know all about me and don't care about the whole gay thing, they don't quite get that it means my life will be inherently different from theirs in a lot of ways. They mean well, but keep saying things that betray thoughts that just isolate me from the goings-on of the clan. My sisters, despite all their loving support of my quest for love, still think it would be a great substitute to marry Miki so we can have kids and get a house in the country near them. Good grief.

Maybe I'll just have to rely on the younger generation to get it right and just take things as they are. My niece/god-daughter Jacqui gets it wth no trouble: she likes that she can talk about cute boys and the Powerpuff Girls and going to gay bars with me. And my nephew Michael made me the Thanksgiving card below, rather than give the same ol' thing to his mom or dad.

I guess my siblings are doing a decent job, even if their own thinking is still a little stuck in the world they knew growing up. When Miki mentioned something about our friend and his boyfriend, my niece Emily said, "Don't you mean her boyfriend?" to which Miki naturally replied, "No, I meant 'his'." "that’s weird," said Emily. "No," said my sister Ellen, "just different."

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