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I Still Hate Christmas

Hey, whaddya know? it's Christmas Eve and I still hate Christmas. If you've been reading any of my incessant bitching and moaning you'll know that this hasn't been the cheeriest Christmas season around here, but I’d probably still hate Christmas anyway. I hate the pressure to pony up and make a gesture of love all at once to all the friends and family — I’d need to take a mortgage to do that properly. I try to show the love all year long, so I don't think it's especially meaningful to do it under duress. And the last thing I need is a million extra errands to run.

At least I can say that I’ve been distracted from the Christmas phenomenon this year. Miki and I did most of the shopping in Italy, so I mostly was spared the agony of wandering through hordes of consumption-crazed zombies in frightening places like the Manhattan Mall or Macy's, the most horrible place on earth (but that’s another rant altogether). Instead I’ve spent the last week tapping into a political-activism zeal I never knew I had.

This whole Brooklyn loft issue has made me realize that I don't just like the cool place that I live, but I’m actually part of a big community of nifty people who like where we live and feel we have the right to be here because we all get to live in places where we can live, do our work, be around a diverse group of people doing the same, and be part of the city without being shoved into apartments the size of storage lockers. so for now I’m still looking after the EWAC page and I’ve already gotten involved with setting up a site for the Brooklyn LiveWork Coalition. We may have passed inspection and been spared eviction, but now the larger battle for legal protection begins...

I'll stop being so serious now and get back to the reckless self-indulgence you've all come to know and love from your ol' pal Sparky. JockoHomo (if that’s really the nickname he goes by), who I keep hoping I'll run into somewhere so we can become pals, makes a mention of this German diary that makes mention of a few of use here in NYC. If anyone knows German and can translate this for me, I’d really appreciate it:

Zum Beispiel die von Daniel Rhatigan. Kann man sich virtuell verlieben *gähn*? Absolut! Mir ist es mal wieder passiert, ohne daß ich IHN, also Daniel, auch nur ein bißchen kenne. Wohnt zum Glück in NY, was Großstadtphantasien weiteren spielraum gibt. *seufz*

Of course, maybe my old chum (and current Doctor of German), Jen Marshall (nee Cizik) can do the honors for me when she comes to town this week.

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