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March 2017

HOWLive with Ilise Benun

Today's media blitz continues with an interview with me on Ilise Benun’s HOWLive podcast.

In the latest HOWLive podcast interview, Ilise Benun, founder of Marketing-Mentor.com and Program Partner for HOW Design Live talks with Dan Rhatigan of Adobe Typekit about the democratization of type and how technology is transforming type with color fonts, variable fonts and the rise of emoji.

SVA Type Lab

For the last few Summers I have been one of the instructors for the SVA Type Lab, a 4-week course in typeface design here in New York. This year, we’ve been trying to promote the course with some cute short videos:

Meet TypeLab instructor Dan Rhatigan @ultrasparky and his typographic tattoos - - #timespacecommunity #typography #typeface #typetuesday #type #typeinspire #typedesign #typematters #typeeverything @svace

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What's your least favorite letterform, the most elegant, the most underrated? Tell us in the comments! Here's how Typelab instructors @ultrasparky and @tobias.frerejones, and @samarskaya answered. - - #typethursdays #timespacecommunity #typography #typeface #type #typeinspire #typedesign #typematters #typeeverything @svace‚Äč

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Valenstein & Fatt

While I was in London recently, I helped my pals at Grey London with a film about why they’re taking on the names of their original founders, Valenstein & Fatt, to talk about diversity in the industry.

I was originally asked to talk about the typeface they chose to recapture the spirit of Grey, circa 1917, but as it turned out I was much more passionate about how hard it has always been for immigrants and other marginalized groups to assimilate into American culture, despite the myth of the Great American Melting Pot.

Valenstein & Fatt from Valenstein & Fatt on Vimeo.

(I begged them to re-kern that logotype, though.)

Update: A second video, with my take on Valenstein & Gray’s choice of Century Schoolbook for their re-imagined brand:

Valenstein & Fatt: The Logo from Valenstein & Fatt on Vimeo.

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