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May 2013

Punk as Fuck

An unused graphic from Pink Mince #9 — Punk Mince. The cheerleader is shamelessly recycled from artwork I first prepared for a class project when I was in grad school: a poster for an imaginary lecture by Art Chantry. The original image was from some clip-art I salvaged when I was designing my college yearbook in in 1991.

Two great independent magazines

I generally don't talk about Pink Mince when I'm doing things related to my day job, but I threw in a handful of visual references to accompany an interview in the latest issue of 8 Faces magazine. (If you like or love typography, then you really should check out 8 Faces.)

You can order 8 Faces here. And, of course, you can order Pink Mince here. You can also buy that t-shirt (and others) at the Pink Mince Zazzle shop.

The Khaleesi has no time for this

Khaleesi eye-roll
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