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February 2013

Where the Quality Designers Are

Playlist, Part 4

Texas Is the Reason

After years of waiting, I finally had the chance to see my good pal Norman Brannon on stage, in a Boston gig with his old band Texas Is the Reason. The show was incredible, and it seemed like a good excuse to update this list of the bands I've seen play live over the course of the last (oh, lordy) 27 years.


There I was, happily doing some research at the Center here in New York, digging through the Donald Mashburn collection, when I had a nerdgasm. I was looking through an archive of flyers for gay nightclubs and sex clubs, with a fair amount of porn catalogues in the mix, but it's safe to say that I'm pretty jaded about adult material at this point. I was trying to pick out things from the ’70s or ’80s that had a certain graphic sensibility about them, with a vague sense of collecting material for a future issue of Pink Mince.

But then I saw it.

GMSMA 10-year anniversary program

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