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It's Madison time. Hit it!

Although it's not the most thrilling clip, it's cool to see this version of the Madison Time from Baltimore's Buddy Deane Show, the inspiration for Hairspray's Corny Collins Show. (And it's worth looking for other Buddy Deane clips to get a better idea of where the Hairspray aesthetic came from. The hair looks a little flat in this one.) The dance is done with a little more pep in the film:

The Madison sequence has always been a favorite moment in the film. It's not the funniest or the craziest, but it's warm and sweet, and a pivotal moment in the story. Really, it's the part that exposes the sentimental streak that underlies the film. It always catches me off-guard to get a reminder that it was a huge smash with a life of its own outside the John Waters bubble.

The quality of this clip is awful, but here's the second version of the Madison I ever saw, when it was played on a reel of old music clips between shows at the Somerville Theater some time in the early 90s. I never figured out the context at the time. Most of the other clips turned out to be Scopitone films, and perhaps this was as well, even though it's not specifically French. It's the Ray Bryant Combo doing their version, set in a bowling alley:

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1) Drub: Awesome, yet again, sir. (Jun 7, 2011 8:03 AM)

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