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My role model

John Waters in Bristol

Another stop on John's book tour for Role Models. This was at the Festival of Ideas in Bristol, a spur-of-the-moment ticket booked while my pal Jeremy from Bristol was visiting me in Brooklyn. Charming as ever, and an intimate little venue for a change.

Although it was a minor detail, I was happy when he told the story of meeting Justin Bieber, who told John that his mustache was "the jam", on Graham Norton's show. (See the clip.) That happened the day I last saw John at the Southbank Centre in December, when I was stranded by the snow in the UK for a day after my visa expired. I had John autograph my outdated visa that night, which pissed off the folks at passport control when I re-entered as a tourist later that month.

John Waters visa

It was a superb start to a superb weekend overall. I like Bristol more and more every time I visit.

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