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March 2011



I endorse these products, and the groovy lettering that’s on them.


Brand new season and website for my brand, CXXVI Clothing Co.

That chicken looks nervous

Louis Pasteur: pervert


Picture Progress v2 #3

Practically perfect

Lovely Adam

Adam Pedersen-Doherty, (credit)

The ascender to my descender

Love is like typography

OK, when you put it like that it makes more sense to me. Thank you, Diesel Sweeties.

[Note: This comedic use of simile is relevant to my interests, but only in the abstract. Oh, how I wish it had specific relevance, but I'm trying to make peace with my fate as a lonely spinster.]

Let's go

The last piece of artwork for Pink Mince #7 — The Funny Pages — is in place. Printing soon. Yay!

The Pink Mince mood board

Stretch Monster

The Pink Mince mood board

Snake wrangler

NYC needs Batman!


No shit, Sherlock. “World’s Greatest Detective” right here folks.



Hawkman v. 4, #18 (October, 2003)

The Pink Mince mood board

We are family


Curt Swan.



Utrecht; canal

(1024 x 732)

Pee Joe


Peejoe #2, now in stores!



Vintage matchbook cover, via Agence Eureka.



Danny Lyon, B. 1942, Uptown (Three Young Men) mounted, signed, titled and annotated ‘1965 print’ in pencil on the reverse, 1965.

From the scrapbook


Dutch-Indian Art Exhibition in Krefeld (1906)
Artist : Johann Thorn-Prikker (1868-1932)


Her most exciting adventures


Back long before trade paperbacks became commonplace, this was one of the very few ways you could catch up on old stories in collected form. MMPB cover art by Joe Sinnott, adapted from the cover to Spider-Woman v.1 #1.

Coming soon — The Funny Pages

Coming in April — Pink Mince 7: The Funny Pages! Back from hiatus at last with a tabloid-size newspaper edition filled with comics and other treats. Including awesome stuff from Sina Evil, Jessie Johnson, Bill Roundy, James Bainbridge, Howard Hardiman, Luke Jones, Timothy Thornton, and more!

Prado 264


Prado 264 - Havana, Cuba (via Phil Marion)

All is revealed


Jack Kirby.




Airing laundry in Ahmedabad’s Old City

 (by Meanest Indian)

Bag of Treats

One is No. 1, one isn't


If you, dear reader, had manufactured two very, very different kinds of oil for your machines, would you really decide to call one of them ‘Mould Oil’ and the other ‘Mould Oil No.1’?

Warm rubber



The tribulations of the globe trotting fetishist.

Sturdy pants


(via “I thought the placement of the hole was strange” - mr. simpson)

Shower break


Microbiological Laboratory Hazard of Bearded Men, March 1967: “An investigation was conducted to evaluate the hypothesis that a bearded man subjects his family and friends to risk of infection if his beard is contaminated by infectious microorganisms while he is working in a microbiological laboratory. Bearded and unbearded men were tested with Serratia marcescens and Bacillus subtilis var. niger. Contact aerosol transmission from a contaminated beard on a mannequin to a suitable host was evaluated with both Newcastle disease virus and Clostridium botulinum toxin, type A. The experiments showed that beards retained microorganisms and toxin despite washing with soap and water. Although washing reduced the amount of virus or toxin, a sufficient amount remained to produce disease upon contact with a suitable host.” (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov - thx RD)



Meat Team

The Pink Mince mood board



Vintage sailor with handlebar mustache

Golden Boys



I've just come back from an incredible two-week trip to India — a whirlwind tour with stops in Bombay, Ahmedabad, Boroda, Calcutta, Serampore, and Bangalore — and there's a lot of material to sift through, a lot of new ideas to work on, and a lot of thank-yous to write. Seriously, this past weeks could easily be the start of months of activity if I were able to spin all these threads into other things.

A lot of that will have to wait, however, because I also found out that my UK sponsorship came through, and I suddenly have to jump though all the hoops necessary to move back to England in about three weeks. THREE WEEKS! That's great, yes, but also a little overwhelming.

A golden age

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