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Type is only skin-deep

Ready at last! Feast your eyes on this little video clip of me getting my tattoo of the "w" from Type Mafia's Actium Black Italic this Summer. Henk Schiffmacher, the tattoo artist, was quite a character, and luckily he got a kick out of the typographic tattoo theme — it always goes better that way. What's nice about the video is that it provides an answer to the third-most common question I get: Does the tattooist draw the letters freehand, or follow some kind of a guide? Voila! Watch Henk fill in a stencil made from artwork I provided.

Gerben at the tattoo parlor

Above: The Type Mafia art directs the process

By the way, to answer the first two:

  1. No, not really. It feels like heat more than anything else.

  2. They don't spell out anything

Actium Black Italic tattoo
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