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Colliding obsessions

Supermen of America

My squeal-inducing find of the day was the blog of Todd Klein, who has been working for ages as a letterer for comic books, and producing outstanding work. It's a bit inaccurate to say that his site is just a blog: he's mostly using the blog format to pull together a vast body of writing about comics and letters, peppered here and there with other things that catch his fancy.

Girls Love The Adventures of Superman

The blog -- and in fact his entire site -- is packed with gorgeous images (the images of original paste-up art, like the ones shown above, get me especially giddy), and a lot of insightful commentary and analysis. This entry alone, which gathers links to all the posts specifically about the logo designs for a wide variety of comic titles, is the gateway to enough research material to start a research degree on the subject. Todd Klein, I salute you, sir!

Fantastic Four #16
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