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Homosexuals ARE Different



Mattachine Society advertisement, 1966.

Oh yeah, this weekend is gay pride!

This flyer is kind of genius, kind of remarkably prescient in terms of queer-acceptance imagery. I’ve always had a strong aversion to the argument that "We're just like everyone else!" because, factually, gay people are different. We're not different in our capacity to love, of course, but our experience in understanding ourselves — in having to battle our own culturally and religiously instilled hatred of our very being, in having to learn to communicate with each other using subversive language and visual cues, in having to navigate and constantly redefine our relationships in uniquely individual ways because our commitments to each other go unrecognized by the government and our greater society — is amazingly singular.

That gay people in America somehow continue to thrive in spite of the fact that a flyer from 1966 is still as politically resonant as it was forty-four years ago is something that, I’d say, is worthy of a little pride.

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