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May Day!


Oh, nothing to fuss about. that’s not "May day!" as in, "Help!"; it's "May Day!" as in, "It's the first of May and after a solid four months of working almost every waking hour, money has last started to flow back into my coffers, allowing me to rejoice, pay many bills, and indulge in some long-overdue infrastructural upgrades." So you can understand the need for the exclamation point, clearly.

So that picture can be considered a bit of a status update. I just took it with a new camera that is making me squealingly happy, now that I can at last retire my trusty but aging point-and-shoot and switch at last to an SLR. In that photo I’m wearing new glasses (well, some 10-year-old frames, but with a new prescription) that allow me to see clearly again for the first time since I smashed my old ones three months ago. And I’m not scowling, despite the absurb workload of the last few weeks, which means I must be in a good mood overall, probably due to the onset of longer days and the seasonal readjustment of my energy levels.

So yeah, it's Saturday and I’m working, but I think I may be out of the woods soon, and I’m practically starting to function like a regular person again.

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