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There don't seem to be any details online yet but since this was officially announced at the Pen to Printer seminar in Ditchling this weekend, I suppose I’m free to spread the word.

The Wynkyn de Worde Society is funding a five-week apprenticeship for a type designer to work with Jeremy Tankard at his studio in Cambridge for two days a week. The apprenticeship comes with a £500 bursary to cover the five weeks, and it's due to start in September. If you're interested, contact Jeremy by 14 June to get the full details and submisison requirements and such.

But for now, a little more info from the flyer I was given:

The Type apprentice will be a creative individual who is passionate about type, its history and future, who understands the need for observation during their work and willingness to take time to get it right.

They need to:

  • have a typeface design under development and at the early stages of digitisation on which to work

  • be able to understand, operate, and draw in Fontlab Studio 5

  • have a working knowledge of the process of type design

  • have their own laptop and licensed copy of Fontlab Studio 5

During the contact days the typeface would be developed together with Jeremy, sorting out problems and discussing relevant issues. During the non-contact time it would be expected that the candidate continues to develop their typeface for the next meeting.

The position is not for a technical person. It is not about scripting or corner cutting. Jeremy mostly does everything manually as he prefers this route.

So there you have it. Sounds like a cool thing if you've got the time to devote to it. For someone just finishing up with school, it sounds like a good way to avoid losing momentum on your typeface at a critical stage.

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