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May 2010


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Bear hug!

Bear Hug

Not to pander to a certain demographic or anything, but you can now get that little graphic — based on an idea from Mr Moore, using his typeface Leyton (which you should buy) — from the Pink Mince t-shirt store, on a grey or brown shirt.


4 Pink Minces

I really do like an old-fashioned photo booth. And the booth that took these — at Cargo in Shoreditch — is still cheaper than the shitty passport photo booths you find everywhere. And more fun.


There don't seem to be any details online yet but since this was officially announced at the Pen to Printer seminar in Ditchling this weekend, I suppose I’m free to spread the word.

The Wynkyn de Worde Society is funding a five-week apprenticeship for a type designer to work with Jeremy Tankard at his studio in Cambridge for two days a week. The apprenticeship comes with a £500 bursary to cover the five weeks, and it's due to start in September. If you're interested, contact Jeremy by 14 June to get the full details and submisison requirements and such.

But for now, a little more info from the flyer I was given:

The Type apprentice will be a creative individual who is passionate about type, its history and future, who understands the need for observation during their work and willingness to take time to get it right.

They need to:

  • have a typeface design under development and at the early stages of digitisation on which to work

  • be able to understand, operate, and draw in Fontlab Studio 5

  • have a working knowledge of the process of type design

  • have their own laptop and licensed copy of Fontlab Studio 5

During the contact days the typeface would be developed together with Jeremy, sorting out problems and discussing relevant issues. During the non-contact time it would be expected that the candidate continues to develop their typeface for the next meeting.

The position is not for a technical person. It is not about scripting or corner cutting. Jeremy mostly does everything manually as he prefers this route.

So there you have it. Sounds like a cool thing if you've got the time to devote to it. For someone just finishing up with school, it sounds like a good way to avoid losing momentum on your typeface at a critical stage.




Oh yeah, Pink Mince

Pink Mince

For the past year or so I’ve been working on this little side project that I’ve been meaning to write more about -- a zine called Pink Mince. I was waiting to see how it went, and whether or not it would be something that I’d stick with for a while. Now that it's been a year and I’ve cranked out 4 issues, an offshoot line of 4 mini-zines, and have the next couple of issues well underway it seems safe enough to declare it'll keep going for a while. Besides, I’ve just invested so much on printing and reprinting that it has to or I'll be up shit creek.

It's mostly gay stuff, but it's also a lot less straightforward than that. The standard tagline is that Pink Mince is "for the confirmed bachelor of exceptional taste", but I’ve also described it as "a journal of contemporary typeface design illustrated with pictures of dudes". My pithy mission statement from its Facebook page says: "We aim to delight, titillate, amuse, provoke, and inspire. (That is to say: we feature jokes and blokes, possibly with a point behind it all.)" It's also about wanting to make something that tactile instead of just another image on a screen. And it's about getting to feature contributions from a lot of amazingly talented other people. It's a lot of things, but mostly it's fun to do.

Pink Mince 4Pink Mini 4

But like any print publication, it can be hard to seduce people into taking a gamble and coughing up a bit of coin to check it out. But trust me: there's something real nice about holding it in your hands and taking it slow. Try it.

So yeah, I actually have a lot more to say about what it's been like to do all this, but that will take a little more reflection. For now, though, word continues to spread and interest continues to bubble up, so why don't you check out the awfully kind things that these other gentlemen have had to say so far: Gym Class Magazine, Sturtle, SUNfiltered, We Made This.



These are the first few pages from Badger: Then and Now, which you can find over on the web shop, my comic book about a lonely badger who lives in my old flat in Brockley told in parallel with the story of how his parents met out in the woods on Box Hill out in Surrey.

I’m going to move over some more pictures from other comics that I’ve done over the next few weeks as I migrate across from the old site to tumblr, but don’t worry, I also have another few stories planned for Badger and I’m going to start drawing this summer! I’ll keep you all posted with how his new adventures are getting on.

You know already if you know Badger, nothing is going to happen. Nothing at all.

Poor Badger. 

Johnny, are you queer?

Caring for yourself & your home

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Oh, Joe


Breeding the bears in 70’s

Oh, Mighty Isis!



Beware ,There’s A Crosseyed Cyclops In My Basement!!!: Isis

I *loved* this show…The Shazam!/Isis Hour



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Thrift Shop

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I need a stack of these.

Travesties, but not


Deuce Design®

Ugh. Again?


Haven’t we all woken up after those parties…?

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The Future is Now, If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger

I Am Curious Black


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Wonder Women

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Divine Decadence


What’s a Norse God to do?

Vegas, baby

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and Lois

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The Thing by Bill Reinhold

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Ultra Monster Art


And then just when I had almost recovered from the startling awesomeness of those Arabic Superman comics, Sean draws my attention to these even more incredibly mind-expanding, soul-enriching examples of incredible illustrations done by Takayoshi Mizuki between 1965 and 1972.


I love all of these so much I might actually weep.BEHOLD THEIR MAJESTY!


Adam Ant at Thirteen

that’s not the world's best photo of Adam Ant, really, but I smiled when I saw it because for many years I worked off-and-on in that slopey-sided building behind him, at the greatest ongoing freelance gig I ever had where I was never around at the right time to get a permanent full-time job.

(Read the rest...)

Gay old Spark

Originally uploaded by alistairh.

Superheroes without Borders

Every single one of these covers from old Arabic editions of Superman comics is exquisite, somewhat surreal, and perhaps a nice reminder that Superman only started fighting for the American way in the 50s during the thick of the Cold War. Up until then, a couple of Jewish teenagers just wanted him to fight for truth and justice. Frankly, I think we could all use a little of that, not just the US. Recontextualization FTW!


Wise words on webfonts

My brain shuts down over webfonts. I can't muster the will to care. Partially it's because I really hate designing and building websites and I just don't want to know more because then it will be easier to avoid it altogether. Partially it's because I’m waiting to see how much hideousness will result from this incredible race to make a gajillion fonts available for the web, when the browsers, the users, and the fonts themselves just don't seem to be up to the task yet. Oh sure, there's potential, but it all seems so familiar. Or, as summarized very neatly by John Hudson in this Typophile thread:

To me, the rush to the web fonts market looks pretty much identical to the rush to the desktop publishing market, so I’m expecting a lot of bad typography and difficult to read text, and the better part of twenty years to clean up the mess. It isn't good enough to say that 'if somebody chooses a font that ... stinks, that’s their choice', because typography serves first reader, then the text, and only then the author/publisher.

May Day!


Oh, nothing to fuss about. that’s not "May day!" as in, "Help!"; it's "May Day!" as in, "It's the first of May and after a solid four months of working almost every waking hour, money has last started to flow back into my coffers, allowing me to rejoice, pay many bills, and indulge in some long-overdue infrastructural upgrades." So you can understand the need for the exclamation point, clearly.

So that picture can be considered a bit of a status update. I just took it with a new camera that is making me squealingly happy, now that I can at last retire my trusty but aging point-and-shoot and switch at last to an SLR. In that photo I’m wearing new glasses (well, some 10-year-old frames, but with a new prescription) that allow me to see clearly again for the first time since I smashed my old ones three months ago. And I’m not scowling, despite the absurb workload of the last few weeks, which means I must be in a good mood overall, probably due to the onset of longer days and the seasonal readjustment of my energy levels.

So yeah, it's Saturday and I’m working, but I think I may be out of the woods soon, and I’m practically starting to function like a regular person again.

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