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You will like my sense of style

"Let me adorn you, the bold design of you." I absolutely love this song from Towa Tei's second solo album, Sound Museum. When it came out in 1998, I had no idea who Kylie Minogue was (and although I can appreciate the appeal now and then, I still can't consider myself much of a fan of hers), and it was years before I realized she was the voice on this brilliant track, the only song about a typeface I’d ever encountered. At time, though, my greatest disappointment was that the typeface itself — included on the CD — was impossibly dreadful.

German Bold Italic — Towa Tei, featuring Kylie Minogue
(I’d offer the font, too, but I don't seem to have a copy of it anymore. I don't recall it having a EULA.)

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