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October 2008

Oh yes.

Big Spock

I always thought he was a great casting choice. Check out how good Sylar looks as he struggles with his half-human emotions. Can't wait.

Mood for the day

I would like to have a nap and then a bit of casual nookie.

SO not fair

I seem to be getting spider-bites here and there, but yet not a single sign of any super powers! Not even something comically useless or ironic! How fair is that? Maybe I need to flood my little apartment with experimental radiation just in case. Just pass me the calamine lotion while I sulk.

The Justified Ancients of Muʻumuʻu

Decide for yourself whether or not you can handle the hair and the muʻumuʻus, but it's hard to deny how perfectly magnificent the singing is in this old clip of Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, Sarah Vaughan, and Peggy Lee doing a little jazzy blues quartet in a 1973 tribute to Duke Ellington:

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