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Undervalued much?

Here's one for the type designers out there, especially those of you who've dipped your toes into the murky depths of non-Latin typefaces:

The project is for outputing a variant Typeface from an existing open source Typeface, where the variant is replacing only 1 alphabet (upper,lower case, basic and italic) and putting a sanskrit alphabet (upper, lower case, basic and italic) that will have to be designed. . . . The budget is about $100 via Paypal, Moneybookers. Delivery for early/mid-next week.

Yeah, that’s not really how things work, my friend.

The rest of the request, and one of many appropriate answers to it is here, at Design Rants.

Update: Hmmmm, it's all even weirder than I thought.

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1) Dan Reynolds: I believe that this is the same project that I and many other designers were solicited for via e-mail; several requests were also made at Typophile. Only after I turned down the offer did I receive a follow-up e-mail stating that this project involved a "non-profit organization." Not that this would have made any difference, given the laughable details already mentioned, but this (and a whole wealth of more information, including—for instance—just who this non-profit actually was) should have been included in the initial request. Very sad… (Apr 26, 2008 3:59 PM)

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