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October 2007

Will work for food

Things have gotten quiet here once again, but eagle-eyed visitors might notice that a tiny change in the links about that lead to a brand new section of the site: the Work section, my portfolio of design work.

I’ve postponed a proper online portfolio for a while, at first because I was lazy and already employed, and then because I was in grad school and figuring out what to do next. Now, however, I am in England looking to getting my design practice up and running again, and most of the physical evidence of my work is in a stack of boxes in my brother's attic in upstate New York. So if you or someone you know would like to hire or collaborate with a smart, experienced designer for some print work, custom type design, or design-related research — and honestly, I really need to earn a living again after my year of living off student loans — do have a look.

Temporary separation

The early days in Bushwick

People are always surprised to hear that I haven't been homesick all year. Although there are lots of things — and certainly lots of people — that I miss, I was really ready to leave the States, and in particular to leave New York. I’m notoriously nomadic and it's certainly possible that I'll feel like settling in New York again, but it will be a while.

Last night I heard this LCD Soundsystem song that put its finger on some of what drove me away:

LCD Soundsystem — New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (buy it)

Battered veg!

I wish Reading had a few pubs like that near campus.

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