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The Matter of Anti-Matter

Oh, and in my free time time this year I designed a book, too. It's also my first design project to get its own MySpace page, since it's about indy music stuff and the music folks apparently use the MySpace once in a while. It's by my good friend Norm, and you should buy it.


Seriously, though, it's a fantastic read, especially if you have any interest at all in hardcore and post-punk bands of the 90s. (If you do, you probably know who Norm is anyway.) Anti-Matter was a zine he published that featured these amazing, insightful, totally natural interviews with a bunch of great bands. Norm had (well, still has) an amazing ability to get past the party line and get people to really talk to him, and that honesty is what makes these collected interviews so engaging, even if — like me — you might only be familiar with a few of the bigger names included.

And the photography! I haven't seen the book in print yet, but if they reproduced the photos well then this is even more of a must-have for anyone into that era's scene. Seriously, just buy it.

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