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Busy Bee

Progress on my dissertation has been an uphill battle against two very demanding design projects I’ve been plowing through at the same time. One, thankfully, is on its way to turning out very well after a few hiccups on press preceded by lots and lots and lots of passionate input from the authors/clients. It's been a lot of work, but the end result is very exciting for us all. (I hope. Oh god, I hope we're all equally excited at this point.)

The MATD Group Specimen is underway

The other is a horrorshow of trying to polish a turd for a client who doesn't quite know what they want, can't quite agree about what they're trying to do, wouldn't give me any time to help them figure it out, and has reduced the budget to just about a bag of peanuts and a glass of tap water. But I care, so I can't just let myself blow them off.

Meanwhile, there's still a ways to go on my acutely insightful analysis of typefaces for mathematics that I need to finish so I can graduate.

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