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If It's Friday This Must Be Belgium

Hotelin Brussels

OK, so in the last week I’ve been to lots of places — Hahn, Frankfurt, Oberhausen, Essen, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Bussum, Den Haag, Antwerp, and now finally Brussels. This was supposed to be a couple of days for me to pamper myself and catch my breath after all the educational travel, but fuck this place. I once spent a half day in Brussels, when Miki and I had a layover with a tour group after a glorious week in Southern Italy. I kind of hated it then, but I chalked it up to bad weather and an unfair comparison to the previous week of Italian bliss. I wanted to give it a second chance, but no more. The weather is magnificent but this is still a mostly dreary and dingy place. I should have taken my little holiday in Antwerp. Antwerp! Oh, how I have a little crush on the city of Antwerp, despite all that incomprehensible Dutch. So pretty! I guess I'll have to make the most of Brussels until tomorrow night and at least be glad I can find my way around a menu in French if I have to.

Update: To be fair, I had a lovely time in Brussels once I got my bearings. It's not the most dazzling city, but it's got some small pockets of grooviness here and there. The touristy bits are actually lovely, but a bit desolate without the tourists. There's a cool area just off the Grand Place with a lively street scene of cafes and shops and bars and such, and there seems to be a pretty active demand for shops with comics and graphic novels. So it wasn't that bad in the end, but I’m not likely to go back without some other reason to.

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