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Jeepers Creepers

Venus Fly Trap

I had pinkeye when I was a kid and got so annoyed with how my eyelids kept getting stuck together with gunk that I cut off all my eyelashes with a pair of scissors. Big scissors, if I recall. Remarkably, I didn't stab myself in the eye, but my mom was kind of freaked and furious about the whole thing. Aside from the obvious "you could have blinded yourself for life" line of reasoning, she insisted that my eyelashes would never grow back. I calmly responded that they were hair, so there was no reason why they wouldn't. (Well, I thought it. Under the circumstances I don't remember if I dared to contradict her.)

Guess who was right?

However, if baldness comes from the maternal gene, then she's having the last laugh, isn't she?

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