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Lunar Module

Sadly, I now know that a full lunar eclipse isn't quite as cool-looking as a solar eclipse. It has its mysterious charm, but it's not quite so dramatic. Also? Much less photogenic.

But maybe the lunar eclipse really does have some paganistic magic power, and that power is punishing me for my lack of reverence. When I turned on my camera this morning to retrieve my blurry photos, I got a disturbing "lens error" that leaves my camera — and this is the good effectively useless. That would be crappy enough on its own, but I leave for a school trip to Rome and Florence in a couple of weeks, and I doubt I can get Nikon to service the damn thing before I leave. Curses! Maybe if I sacrifice a stray cat or something in the cemetery up the road tonight things will snap back to normal.

Sparky and the busted camera
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