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Box o' Crack

Care Package

Dave knows me intimately well, as only one's best friend or deadliest foe truly can. Sometimes he can be both all in one, as shown by this care package he sent me. On the one hand, I melted with joy when I got back form Italy to discover a box filled with three month's worth of comics, a Hot Wheels Batmobile, and a bag of my favorite candy. (Yes, at heart we are both ten years old. Deal with it.) On the other hand, that bag was twice as full yesterday and I’ve spent a lot of time in bed reading comics that might have been spent doing laundry or possibly...I don't know...working on my typeface or dissertation after a week of living in denial about them. Damn you, Zubkoff! And thank you.

And while I’ve been faffing about with candy, comics, and catching up with life, one of the undergrads on the trip has been processing, printing, and posting some of the most extraordinarily lovely photos of Rome and Florence you ever did see. Oh, to be young and have that much energy again!

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