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Tableaux Vivants

Wow, I will never be the gayest alumnus of my high school as long as Bill Condon walks the earth. Dreamgirls has a lot going for it, but it's hard to ignore the overpowering pinkness of a movie that signifies character development with wig and costume changes, with the occasional help of a musical number. And a big, sassy black lady.

Speaking of story-telling through costume changes, I also saw Marie Antoinette this weekend, which lacked all the pizzazz that Dreamgirls has in bucketloads. Yes, Versailles looked very, very pretty. Would it have killed Sophia Coppola to leave some room for a little acting now and then? Tableaux vivants, knowing smirks, and pop music do not make a good movie on their own. Actually, they can, but not well enough for this particular story. And yeah, I get that the mish-mash of accents was an artistic choice, but it was really damn annoying.

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