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Faces of Terror and Death

So perhaps you were deeply traumatized by the hideous visage of the scary baby mannequin featured in my last entry, and you thought to yourself: "Goodness gracious, who would think that’s a good idea?" The culprit is a shop called Jacksons here in scenic downtown Reading, and I wish now I had started paying attention to their mannequins earlier. I was willing to write off Scary Baby as an ill-conceived fluke, but today I noticed that they've redone the display and raised the creepiness to a whole new level. Let's try and imagine what they're actually trying to suggest with their latest models:

I see you

I’m already baffled, but I know this face will haunt me in my nightmares for months — if not years — to come. Maybe the idea was: "Even demon zombie children deserve to look stylish on a budget."


"Join the scouts and run for your life!"


"You can even be a boy scout if you're a woman with cancer! Just watch out for those open sores on the face."

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1) allison: It is so awesome that you've posted these photos, Mr. Sparksalot! Whenever Vernon and I go to the bustop outside of Jackson's, I always make him grab the camera and then kick myself for not having a blog on which to share our imagese of these very same creepies. So Hooray to you... I'm so glad someone has honored these babies online (esp number 1, in your original blog, she was up there in the window for quite a while, but now has been replaced by "new" ones...which leads me to believe there is an endless supply in the cellar, to keep things "fresh") If you can brave the maniquins however and make it indoors, the shop is an amazing time capsule indeed. You must go in...and write a blog about it. I think its England's closest thing to the traditional five-and dime department store of the dusty midwest of the 60s. There are service counters in every department (even one for buttons and lace) No one under 60 works there and whenyou pay , there is a little dumb waiter system for your change. I expect the person in charge of the money works in the cellar with the maniquins. You must check this place out, its COOL! (Well, its so uncool that its cool...you know, full circle!) (Feb 5, 2007 8:18 PM)

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