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Fear Me, Human!

MorguiWhile I spend my days drawing letters and writing about metal type, researchers elsewhere in the university are making some extraordinary progress in the exciting field of Mad Science. Morgui, the fantastic disembodied robot head shown above, contains a number of sensors that supposedly enable him to interact naturally with humans, but I suspect that "naturally" in this case refers to a scenario in which a more powerful species decides to exterminate its progenitors. Sadly, the university's ethics and research committee has decided that Morgui (Mandarin for "Magic Ghost," or possibly, "Cylon Centurion") is too terrifying to be used for experiments with anyone under the age of 18.

One can almost hear Professor Kevin Warwick, Morgui's creator, shouting in his lab, one fist angrily, defiantly shaking in the air: "Those fools! They can't accept real genius when they see it! I'll show them all! They'll learn what it really means to fear what they can't comprehend!"

Morgui is not available for research and experimentation underway in the university's Department of Typography and Graphic Communication.

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