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Holiday Festivities

Fear not, true believers, I’m still here and still kicking. We've spent the last couple of weeks at school doing workshops in greek and Indic scripts, which involved an awful lot of work with a few impromptu social events throw in for mental health.

 MATD Thanksgiving

At the last minute, the American posse here decided we didn't want to let Thanksgiving go uncelebrated, so my flatmates and I donated our generously proportioned lounge so we could invite our classmates over for a some Indian take-out. (Because Thanksgiving is all about Americans and Indians coming together, right?) Even though it's the one holiday I get really sentimental about, I’d mostly forgotten about Thanksgiving, and in the end I was glad we were able to celebrate it properly. By properly, of course, I mean that it wasn't about the food so much as about family, and this year my family is effectively the ragtag group foreigners I spend every day with now.

I was beginning to note that Advent seems to be a much bigger feature of the Christmas season here in the U.K., and then it suddenly dawned on me that they need Advent more than we do in the States since they don't have the day after Thanksgiving to open up the season for them.

I’m also thankful for the generosity of an old pal, who's taking me out this Friday to kick off the Christmas season in the best way possible. (Here's a hint!)

I won't be going home for Christmas this year. Or rather, I won't be heading back to visit on relatives or friends, since I technically have no home of my own to which I can return. We're expected to keep working through most of the month-long Christmas break, so I decided that it would be too stressful and exhausting to fly to the States for a few days of madness and sentiment, only to race back and hit the books. I’m sure I'll have a lovely Generic Midwinter Holiday with the other expats, and best of all I'll have a few days to just sleep and slack off.

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