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March of the Drunken Type Designers

What have we gotten ourselves into?

The flatmates and I threw the first party of the year last night, since we haven't really gotten a chance yet to socialize with the rest of the department outside of classes yet. We're a big group this year — about twice the size of last year's MA group — and things have been a little too hectic in the classroom to talk much so far. It turns out that all we needed was a generous supply of beer, wine, and snacks to loosen up and get acquainted. My camera was seized by other people early on in the evening, and these are some of the things I found on it this morning:

Vernon Michal and Fernando

Vernon gets started

Michal and Fernando chillax

Michael Rob

Michael listens a little

Rob listens a lot

Jasso Ian

Jasso struggles with the world's most complicated corkscrew

Whatever Ian's talking about, it's big

Alice Valentin

Alice is much prettier than this drunken party photo suggests

Valentin throws Swiss gang signs

Shoko and Tim Cormac

Shoko and Tim are jaded, and amused by the new group of MAs

Cormac isn't even a type designer, he's just Irish!

And those aren't even the worst of the lot. Tipsy party photography is never kind to anyone — the tea-totallers. You don't even want to know how goofy I look in all of them. (Well, you may want to know, but I'll never show the evidence, since it's my site.) Our little get-together seemed to do the trick and break the ice, though, even with a small handful of no-shows. Just in the nick of time, too, since we may be too busy to have fun for the next eleven months. By then, we'll probably share a bond more like war buddies who've survived a difficult assault, just like the groups that have preceded us.

(Note to Gerry [our landlord/program director]: notice that no one is breaking anything or smoking inside your flat. Everyone was very well-behaved. No need to fret!)

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