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This Film Has Now Premiered

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

This Film Is Not Yet Rated finally premiered this past weekend, here and in Los Angeles but hopefully near the rest of you soon. I can be totally objective and talk about how this is a fascinating, occasionally startling, expose of the Motion Picture Association of America and its wildly inconsistent ratings, but fuck objectivity! The real reason I’m so excited about this is because it's the latest opus by my oldest friend Eddie, he of the Oscar nomination and the sheer unbridled talent. I’ve known about the film since last summer, but I was sworn to secrecy because of the hush-hush nature of the project, which blows the lid open on the secretive practices of the MPAA. (Eddie had just interviewed John Waters at the time, and he knew that my head would explode over the idea of him including our idol in one of his own films.) Now, though, the film is getting great reviews and I can finally shout it from the rooftops: SEE THIS MOVIE!

Unrated WomanUnrated Man

Seriously, you should see this movie, even if your best friend didn't produce it. It's very funny, very eye-opening, and will really make you think twice about accepting those movie ratings without thinking about what they imply.

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