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The Way Back Machine

Check out the way I’m rocking the twin SE/30s in BU's graphic design computer lab, circa 1992:

Dueling SE/30s

Those hard drives? 80 megabytes! Those screens? Grayscale. That scanner? Bitmap only. That printer? Well, it would probably still run today if you could connect it to anything. Those PostScript laser printers are unbelievable workhorses.

I’m not actually doing anything there, though. I’m just posing for a goofy self-portrait I almost used for a self-promo project we had to do in Graphic Design senior year. I was too punk rock to wear a shirt to class. (But way too New Wave to wear my hair any other way than that.) I’ve been digging out old black-and-white stuff like this and putting them up on Flickr. Check out the rest...

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